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On Point Pet Health Plans

Imagine your pet has a serious illness and it cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to treat at your Boca Raton veterinarian? This situation happens every day when a pet parent is faced with the difficult decision on how to cover the cost of health care. Accidents or serious illness, of course, are just part of the cost of health care. Preventive care, vaccines, dental cleanings, flea control and heartworm medication are just some of the examples of care from your vet that pets require.

On Point was created to provide an affordable way to provide health care that can be customized to your pet’s needs. On Point is an innovative health care plan because it covers preventive care as well as illness without the hassles of insurance and with no exclusions, waiting periods or difficult claims process.

On Point Pet Health Plans are integrated into the medical records software so everything is taken care of in the doctor’s office. No claims to be processed. On Point has developed a proprietary database that will estimate the best plan based on the pet’s age and breed and then customized to the level of protection that works for you.

SUMMARY OF PLAN LEVELS (Prices Subject to Change) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
-Membership Fee $45 $45 $45 $45
-Price/mo. $21 $32 $53 $64
-Office visits $9 $9 $9 $9
-Vaccines x x x x
-Internal Parasite Testing/Tx. x x x
-Annual Blood Testing x x x
-Dental/Spay/Neuter x x
-Additional Accident and Illness Care-BEST VALUE x
-Basic Accident and Illness Care x x x x
-Free Protection Level Estimate- Based on Breed and Age of Pet x x x x

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