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All of your pet’s health care for one low monthly fee. Compassion and quality care are basic expectations for most veterinary practices today. Pet Medical Center is committed to exceeding your expectations on both. We have knowledgeable and compassionate doctors and team members but what sets us apart is that we want to make pet health care affordable. We are also committed to bringing the latest knowledge of the profession to every moment of your pet’s life. Our comprehensive approach to care includes health care plans that really do provide a better value, managing care with the best outcomes. We understand the total cost of having a pet and we are here to partner with you to ensure that your pet gets all the care it needs with the lowest lifetime cost. How do we do that? On Point Health Care Plans are innovative by determining what your pet’s health care costs are likely to be, we then work with you to select a plan based on your pet’s age and breed, then provide options depending on the level of protection and the monthly plan fee. We then help to manage costs by partnering with emergency facilities and referral centers so that you get the best value, the lowest cost of care with the highest quality based on the latest science. We carry this further by doing everything possible to prevent disease and have included preventative care in every plan. To round it all out with nutritional and behavioral counseling to complete the total care program.

The concept of Pet Medical Center was born out of a veterinarians years of experience at looking at pet health care issues, the barriers to care and the heartbreak that pet parents feel when they are unable to provide the care or prevent illness because of cost or lack of access to the latest information. By looking at the pet experience from beginning to end solutions to the many issues became clear. By starting with the right pet, then early behavior, nutrition and preventive care as well as illness care and behavior counseling with the latest knowledge all provided by dedicated and caring team members. All this can only become real for the pet parent if it is put together in an affordable program that can be customized to each pet and pet parent’s situation. Dr. Will Novak and a team of veterinarians with the help of others with great experience worked hard to address all the needs for the pet’s lifetime, including how to manage pet health care costs. Pet care has become expensive, referral centers are now mostly owned by large corporations who also sell pet food or have to report to Wall Street. They continue to raise fees to the point that it is common for a procedure at one of these referral centers to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Clients have taken out second mortgages on homes and run up credit card debt to provide care. Pet Medical Center of Boca Raton is committed to helping manage these costs for all phases of your pet’s life. We want to have more pet parents have the opportunity to enjoy a pet for longer without the worry of the cost. If the price of care is no object, then you have lots of choices, but for the rest of us we would like to be smart about health care costs and we hope you will agree that Pet Medical Center is someone you want to be part of you and your pet’s life.