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If Your Dog Suffers Allergies, Your Boca Raton Veterinarian Can Help

Did you know that your dog can suffer allergies just like humans? Probably not. According to surveys, over half of dog owners were unaware that their fuzzy companions can spend certain seasons feeling lousy due to symptoms of allergies. If your dog suffers allergies, your Boca Raton veterinarian can help.

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Sensitive Skin

Dogs have really sensitive skin and their skin is about half the thickness of ours. Due to their thin skin, dogs are incredibly sensitive to environmental allergens. When we suffer allergies, we tend to get runny eyes and a stopped up nose, but for dogs, it’s a little different. Regardless the allergen, whether it’s fleas, food or pollen, dogs tend to get itchy, very itchy. So the only sign of discomfort is that they lick and scratch themselves a lot.

Types of Dog Allergies

There are primarily two types of dog allergies: Food allergies and environmental allergies. If your dog scratches a lot in the spring or fall, it is likely a reaction to environmental allergies. But if your dog is suffering symptoms year-round, then it is likely due to something in the diet. However, seasonal allergies can progress into year-round allergies, so you have to consider that as well.

Signs of Dog Allergies

When humans suffer allergies, eyes get runny, noses get clogged up and there will be sneezing. But when your dog suffers allergies, there will be plenty of scratching and licking. In fact, your dog might even bite or chew certain areas of the body or even rub up against a vertical surface. They will do anything in their means to relieve themselves of that miserable scratchiness. As this cycle of itch and scratch continues, your dog may suffer hair loss, open sores and scabbing.

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Other Signs to Watch

Dogs suffering from allergies might also have problems with their ears. An allergic response might happen in the ear canal which causes itching and inflammation. Your dog’s ears might even get infected with bacteria or yeast. Dogs with problems in their ears will scratch at them and shake their heads a lot. You might even notice an odor or discharge from the ears. And while respiratory problems from allergies are rare in dogs, it does occur. A runny nose, coughing and watery eyes are typical symptoms of these type of canine allergy sufferers.

Pay Us a Visit

If you think your dog is suffering from allergies, pay us a visit. You don’t want to wait until all that scratching leads to an infection.