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Find The Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Pet

Often, pet owners include their beloved dogs in holiday gift-giving; they even go so far as to mount and fill a stocking for Fido on the fireplace mantel. Many leave gifts for their dogs under the Christmas tree from Santa. Sure, the dogs have no idea what's going on. but they don't care, they love it all the same.

Dogs are better able to pick up on human excitement and they know when you are happy. So when you are opening gifts and are excited (providing they are gifts you like), Fido wants to share in that excitement, anything is better than a trip to the Boca Raton veterinarian. And since you love you dog very much, giving a gift means as much to you as to your dog.

Maybe you have a dog that you have listed on your gift list and need some ideas. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who owns a dog and want to get them a gift for their dog. Either way, here are a few gift ideas for Fido.

GPS Pet Tracker

Always know the location of Fido with this GPS tracker device. While chips have been popular for quite some time now, not every dog owner is comfortable having a chip inserted into their pet. The Tagg Tracker tracks your dog should there ever be the need.


Dog anxiety is a big deal. When Fido freaks out over a little lighting and thunder, simply slip the Thundershirt on him. The shirt features a unique design that gently squeezes your dog's torso and provides much-needed comfort during fits of anxiety. Fido will remain cool and confident even in the worst thunderstorms.

Interactive Dog Bowl

The Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl ensures dinnertime a fun time. This fun time bowl features several compartments that require Fido to use his nose, paws and even tongue to reach his food. Since the bowl makes dogs eat more slowly, digestion is improved as well as overall health.

Automatic Water Bowl

Outside drinking has never been easier than with the Auto Refilling Dog Bowl. All you do is attach the garden hose to it, so refilling the water bowl is a piece of cake.

Secret Agent Leash

Not everybody gets excited about leashes, but you will be impressed with the Paww Secret Agent Leash. It's made of an ultra-soft and durable webbing and has reflective fabric sewn right in, so you and Fido are more visible in the dark.

Groom Tool

The Dyson Groom is a well-designed, simple vacuum attachment that will help keep Fido's fur free from excess hair. Even short-haired dog breeds need one of these.

Ball Launcher

The classic Chuckit ball launcher is one of those gadgets that every dog owner should have. You enjoy using it to pick up slobbery balls and throwing them super far.

Ruffwear Hoopie Dog Collar

The Ruffwear Hoopie Dog Collar is great for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The collar is strong and durable and features a plastic snap attachment for leashes and tags.